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     Brownman      Attila Fias     Aline Morales          Paco Luviano       Richard Brisco
    flugelhorn      keyboards     voice/percussion            bass               drumset

p        e        r        m        u        t        a        ç        õ        e        s

PERMUTAÇÕES – pronounced “pear-moo-tah-soins” (rhymes with “coins”)

..MP3 stream - "Chega De Saudade" by Antonio Carlos Jobim, arranged by Nick "Brownman" Ali
......performed by Permutações live on CBC RADIO's "Big City, Small World" (Sept 2006)
......Sang by Aline Morales w/ Ross MacIntyre - bass, Rich Brisco - drums, solos by Nick "Brownman" Ali - flugelhorn, Attila Fias - keyboard
......FREE Download  (download this track for free by right clicking on the FREE Download link and choosing "save as")

Jazz FM's Amanda Martinez writes:
"Performing classic Brazilian tunes reorchestrated with modern jazz twists and original Brazilian jazz compositions penned by 2 award winning composers - Brownman & Attila Fias - this group is a spirited jazz romp from Rio to San Paulo featuring the delightful Brazilian percussionist/vocalist Aline Morales from Maracatu Nunca Antes."

"Toronto, in recent years has often been called 'Havana North' with the strong influx of Cuban musicians and we don't always see Brazilian jazz to the same degree or frequency we do Cuban jazz, but new Brazilian ensemble Permutações plans to change that."

Brownman Ali - flugelhorn, percussion, musical director
                     (multi-award winning NYC latin-jazz trumpeter based in Toronto)
Aline Morales - brazilian percussion, vocals
                     (Brazilian born percusionist from Maracatu Nunca Antes)
Attila Fias - keyboards, backup vocals
                     (platinum selling producer & keyboardist)
Paco Luviano - electric bass
                     (Canada's most in-demand latin-jazz bassist)
Rich Brisco - brazilian drumset
                     (Brazilian music specialist, recently touring both Venezuela & Brazil)

Short clip of Permutações at the Mod Club, Toronto - July 28, 2006
Part of the Jazz By Genre Festival
Visible in video - Aline Morales singing, Brownman on percussion

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